Sleevey Wonder and the beauty of single-serving sites

A friend forwarded me this lovely single-serving site called Sleeveface. (click it, have a look).

You know a site like this when you see one. It seems silly, and you forward it to the friends that understand you.It puts a smile on their faces the same way it did on yours.

And here’s the beauty of it – it serves one purpose, with no apparent agenda. It usually does nothing to market any individual and is a forum for people anywhere in the world to share a quirky/amusing/geeky/random/obsession-based collection of homemade or found images/puns/quotes/videos/songs/gifs/animations. After reasonable or global success, many of them get shafted by ‘inspired’ ad creatives who them pawn off the ideas as their own, but by and large, these sites exist purely to spread smiles, not money.

In Sleeveface’s case it’s made by a clever Welshman who spends a lot of time explaining how the web works to big companies and busy people. He thought up Sleeveface (and the Sleevey Wonder title) and is a perfect example of how the web works:
We click all day every day, and dwell where there is no shouting at us or fighting for our attention or taking our data, or showing us something we haven’t asked for. These sites, like us, want to play, interact and engage in an open dialogue with anyone and everyone who feels like it. That’s it. It’s play, and sharing play. And it’s lovely when advertising, Marketing, PR or Media gets that without killing it.

Here are our two cents for sleeveface: Photographer/Art Director Umran Shaikh – models: me and colleague Alex Bruyn at Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai

And here are a few other single-serving websites that if you’re anything like me you might enjoy:   THEY’RE LINKS SO YOU CAN CLICK ON THEM: ever I am feeling sad, this makes me cry with joy. Thanks Major Steadman for this daily beaut. It’s like a moustache, only it’s your hair. See what they did there?

Kate Bush on a skateboard  Kate Bushes on skateboards. Yes that’s right.  An easy way to waste a decent twenty minutes.

Downton Abbey Beyonce  Downton Abbey pictures to Beyonce lyrics. Yes that’s right.

100,000 great lakes logos OK, a hybrid between a single-serving site and a lovely self-promotional tool, but done very well.

Pizza Boomerang wtf wtf. Thanks Keith Lawler.

Leekspin No idea, but like Trolololo Man, this will get inside your soul and stay there. Thanks Raja. Kind of.


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