Well Done Felix. But Very Well Done Deitrich.

Following last night’s jump from the edge of space, Felix Baumgartner is the name on everyone’s lips. The blogosphere’s bubbling about the power of fearlessness and a brand able to inspire millions by pursuing and acting on its vision perfectly. But ‘Deitrich Mateschitz’ is the other name that should also be touted as a cool card around the pub table. He’s the other Austrian, the one that decided to quit his senior Procter & Gamble job in 1984, and invest his life savings and whatever he could muster into a Thai Syrup that supposedly cured hangovers and jetlag. He stuck to his guns, while the rest of us kick ourselves for not investing in this or that, and is now the Multibillionaire behind everything from the skinny blue & silver can to the philosophy of a product that “gives you wings”. That’s a clever strapline, or it’s an ethos; prophetic and proactive, simultaneously. And I buy it.

Dietrich Mateschitz, founder and Big Boss Man of Red Bull.

Corporate Sponsorhip is a gloomy, dirty word – the big-board-branding framing the pitch, with crotch-scratching players ignoring your irrelevant logo on their chests… Or there’s something that’s all yours – Build your own flying machine then fly it, read our brand magazine with its own AR app, a magazine so cool other brands pay hefty bucks for a page and Hollywood stars want their faces in it. Come to our Hip Hop events, and BMX events, and Formula 1s. No. This is a bit more than sponsorship. This embodies what men and women want to say about ourselves – that we can, and we do. Trickle that down to me at my desk on a Monday, chugging cans of SugarFree, with ingredients that are eating my insides away and should not be consumed by pregnant women, and with a man like Dietrich behind the reigns, I really don’t mind giving him my money, or even a bit of my kidneys. He’s already made my world a lot cooler, making dreams and adventures come true with a massive smile on your face. I won’t be getting on a BMX any time soon, but I’ll be happy to read about the New York Red Bulls, to order my Vodka-Red-Bull, and to play with the next Red Bullitin magazine with my iPhone. Mr Mateschitz. I want to be like you when I grow up.