Believe the Hype.

Hype magazine has been a bastion of Dubai Nightlife for most of my time in the Middle East. Its pages describe a positive, perhaps more realistic portrait of Dubai Life than pearly botoxed, eye-bleeding Charity events, unbuttoned COOs pouring bonuses into sparkler-flaming Cavalli glasses… Nope. On a weekly basis, Hype printed the faces and voices of thousands of aspirational, multinational revellers, burning the candle at both ends; earnest, ambitious and optimistic, and very rarely with a toe on the property ladder.

Hype championed authentic, miscellaneous, organic creative troupes, from trust-fund-free designers to desert-appropriate sports fiends, one-off projects, new movements and a broadening art scene wholly unaffiliated with money laundering. Its pages were a very genuine picture of the lifestyle that’s kept me and many others rooted here in a city that is emerging and growing and changing all the time.

Hype became a brand apart from the magazine, with a colossal annual party in the park, and an anticipated annual awards ceremony, followed by the annual worst-hangover-of-the-year. But for some excruciating reason, the grey-haired men at the top table decided that ‘Online’ was not an appropriate platform for Hype’s sought-after demographic. So Hype stayed analog. And while its target-market burgeoned, and its content standards stayed high, it became another victim of the downturn in publishing across the Middle East.

Despite a passionately-fierce editor steering a talented team, with banging design and a much-loved presence, Hype as we know it is waving goodbye. It’s waving on rollerskates with a G&T in hand to the backdrop of a neon sunset and pounding bass… but it’s goodbye nonetheless.

And despite driving the team insane with my later-than-last-minute, seriously-maddy-sort-it-out submissions and technical ineptitude, I was thrilled to be asked to contribute. And now the only way to document my pieces for posterity? Online.

Here’s a run-down of what I got up to in Hype in the last two years. I’m missing quite a few because my inbox, desktop and state-of-mind are currently a landfill. And for Hype… and her epic team, I wish them every success, wherever they head to next.. They deserve it.




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Hype_146.P30-36_F_Kazakhstan diaryHype_146.P30-36_F_Kazakhstan diary2Hype_146.P30-36_F_Kazakhstan diary3Hype_146.P30-36_F_Kazakhstan diary4



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