About Madeleine…

Art, Copy, Concepts, Conversation and Optimism.

I’m an artist and creative in Dubai. After six years in branding and communications in the UK and New York, I moved to the UAE  to work for agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, M&C Saatchi and TBWA. Some of my Portfolio is here.

One of these statements is false.

I’ve been a:

  • Ghost Tour guide
  • Tetris Champion (1998)
  • Poker Tutor
  • Portrait painter
  • Mountain walker
  • Animator
  • Illustrator

I also:

  • spent the night in a haunted Bingo club
  • was fired from iD Magazine
  • made a 4-legged duck open a shop, and it lost a leg the night before the opening
  • was fired from an internship
  • Had two earthquakes blamed on me
  • Created 200,000 site-hits in 48 hours for Curb Media using Glow-in-the-dark Bacteria
  • sang and staggered around a former Soviet satellite-monitoring station
  • sang on stages in London, New York, Edinburgh, Beirut and Dubai
  • got arrested for dancing across a zebra crossing
  • hid in a Paramilitary Graveyard in Derry
  • stole wallpaper from Chernobyl
  • had a lovely chat with Bill Murray at Charleston Airport and lost his email address
  • Shook hands with a couple of Prime Ministers as a child
  • Discussed stealing chairs from hotels with the Kings of Leon
  • Discussed Greggs Pasties with Alan Rickman
  • Regularly wrote under a pseudonym for a Hip Hop blog
  • Waved a “We Love you Stevie” banner at a Stevie Wonder concert
  • Made Jonah Hill run away from me
  • Co-founded a Scottish film production company in 2004 which is still going
  • Arranged the world’s first light-painting performance with cars
  • jumped out of two planes

2010 and 2011 were with a Fortune 100 on floor 44, Rockefeller Center, with the best view I’ll ever have (this one) , gigs, (like this one)  Zombies (here) roaming Manhattan (like this) and surfing couches.

Clients so far include Emirates, Land Rover, Standard Chartered, Etihad, Walmart, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, New Era, Jaguar, Avis, Mitsubishi, Bentley, Goodyear-Dunlop, Harley Davison, Mercedes, the McGraw Hill Companies.

Scripts, sites, strategy, tweets, tags, web, radio, outdoor, print or and television. Placements with the BBC and Christies.

I follow my heart, laugh loudly and speak fast. If you want something, ask.


3 Comments on “About Madeleine…”

  1. Matt says:

    Hello Maddy, I just found the PJ Harvey blog post by James Poole, thanks to your twitter comment. Thankyou. Now posted on the forum below. Proud to say Polly fans are lovely. As for New York, I could wax lyrical about that place. Cheers, rock on! Matt…


  2. sanjay says:

    Master of all and Jack of None..All the best Maddy

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