Who’s this ‘Ali Quinn’ then?

Two talented creatives from Saatchi X thought that one very effective way to promote their product would be to create genuine hype and hysteria by giving away lots of expensive free outdoor gear to people across Dubai. To help generate said hype, they enlisted this blog, and asked me to pretend to be one of ‘those bloggers who does video-logs, like for make-up and gossip.’ I look like a muppet, but their campaign was a great success.. And if you follow the trail you can find out who it was for.


This week Bish Bosh Bang is taking an Investigative-Reporter stance… ┬áThere’s been a strange man running around Dubai giving away fancy free things, and a few of us want to know why.


Here is the poster that arouses suspicion..


Here is the video of Bonkersness from the Sale/Giveaway/Watchamacallit:


Video & Ting.

I don’t make animations. This isn’t one. It’s more of a Slideshow Musickness-Accompaniment-ism. But an MC in Dubai gave me his CD, and I wanted to give it a try.

THIS LINK RIGHT HERE is the article I wrote about the same artist and two more that inspire me for Uprising, the brainchild of Scott Goodson, rather clever founder of Strawberry Frog, an agency made up of individuals creating things they and their clients can feel proud of, that people can enjoy seeing.

UAE HipHop and R&B in Uprising

I’m going to make another Hypermental-Slideshow Musickness-Accompaniment-ism, but for the next one I’ll be learning some proper editing packages and make some actual footage and actual stuff.

And for a chuckle at my expense, this here is the first animation I ever made back in 2003. It’s Medium-Rare Crappola, but made me laugh today by how perfectly terrible it actually is.